A few of the events that have happened or are happening here are:

Bach Choir Retreat; Quinn Arts; Private Birthday Party; Graduation Ceremony; Lehigh University Philosophy Reading Party; Flux Theatre Retreat; Penn Dixie Theatre Retreat, Considered Man Theatre Retreat; The Lehigh Valley Story Tellers Halloween Night, Mankind Project I-Group Meetings, Baha’i Meetings, Women’s Circle, Sweat Lodge led by Rob & Irit

Fees, Suggested Donations

Standard fees are $900/week; $500/weekend (Friday at 5 p.m. through Sunday); $200/overnight week day (5 p.m. through the next day) or $300/overnight weekend day (Friday, Saturday or Sunday), $150/day during the week; 200$/day weekend, $25/hr weekend and $15/hr weekday.
Accommodations: $15/person/night, camping $10/night.

For Weddings and Very Large Groups, fees start at $1,000.

We are committed to supporting artists and not-for-profit organizations looking for a place to get away. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you think we might be of service.