A few of the events that have happened or are happening here are:

Bach Choir Retreat; Quinn Arts; Private Birthday Party; Graduation Ceremony; Lehigh University Philosophy Reading Party; Flux Theatre Retreat; Penn Dixie Theatre Retreat, Considered Man Theatre Retreat; The Lehigh Valley Story Tellers Halloween Night, Mankind Project I-Group Meetings, Baha’i Meetings, Women’s Circle, Sweat Lodge led by Rob & Irit

Fees, Suggested Donations

In order to maintain Little Pond we operate under a minimal fee/donation schedule. We can provide a venue for modest sized meetings, workshops, and weddings. Over night stays are possible, please contact us about the amenities and your number of participants.

We are committed to supporting artists and not-for-profit organizations looking for a place to get away. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you think we might be of service.